Gold Medal Ribbon and Essential Oils: 29 Gifts, Part 3

My 29 Gifts journey continues, inspired by Cami Walker’s 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving can Change your Life.

For a recap, please visit Part 1 and Part 2.

Gift #9: Sunday, March 5

Today, I enjoyed most of the day alone with my ten-year-old daughter, Lielle. We didn’t have much planned, other than her 2:30 gymnastics class…so the day was ripe for giving. Our family is very active in The Village Shul and a fellow member and I spearhead the Welcoming Committee, with the goal of providing a warm welcome to new members with a small gift and a welcome phone call from a “buddy” at the Shul. Today, my gift was delivering a few of the welcome packages….with my daughter’s company and assistance. I have to give my husband credit as well – I sent a few packages with him to deliver on his way back from my son’s ski lesson. Side note: if you haven’t checked out The Village Shul on Eglinton, it really is an amazingly special place filled with so much love (and lollipops…and prizes…and kugel). Perhaps I’ll see you there soon…there’s a welcome package waiting for you!

Gift #10: Monday, March 6

On Monday nights my daughter has dance which ends at 8:30. Normally, my husband picks her up, but today he went to a much-anticipated event to hear Lior Raz speak, the creator and main character in the well-known TV series Fauda. With no one to watch the boys, I had to take them with me to pick up big sister – as you can probably guess, they weren’t complaining about the later bedtime. At 8:30, when the kids asked/begged me to take them for ice cream, the rational side of me said “umm…no.” But I wasn’t in the mood to be sensible….so an ice cream gift it was! Gold Medal Ribbon, Caramel Turtle Truffle, and Vanilla to be exact. Yes…vanilla…I don’t know whose child he is. But I’ll still keep him!


Gift #11: Tuesday, March 7

I absolutely LOVE watching women achieve success with new business ventures or personal goals. I could probably name a dozen cool, inspiring women right now who are doing what they love and pursuing their passions with…well…passion! You want me to name them…sure! Jodi Kovitz, Adrienne Gold, Kena Paranjape, Mary Monaghan Amin, Karin Eldor, Kim Smiley,  Ilana Rubenstein, Marnie Sugarman Adler, Rena Nickerson, Lindsi Hollend, Amy Laski, Ellie Bass, Jody Pettle-Berkel, Leslie Zborovski and Nancy Soicher. (Yes, I know that’s 15…I just couldn’t stop). If there’s truth to the idea that you are the company you keep, I’m feeling pretty great right now!

As someone who has pursued and dabbled in different initiatives and projects, I know how much it means to have truly supportive friends…people who are cheering you on from the sidelines (or sharing their thoughts on your most recent blog in a private email…yes, please keep ’em coming!) When a friend, Carly Cooper, offered to share more about her Essential Oils business with me and some friends, who was I to stand in the way of her dream! So, in the spirit of International Women’s Day tomorrow, today my gift was my support. I sent an email (if you weren’t on my list, I’ll forward it!) inviting friends to meet Carly and hear more about her passion. (And I hear women like wine too…so wine there will be!) While I know we are all over-committed and an essential oils class may not be at the very top of our to-do lists, I want to help support a fellow female with a passion…and I wish her great success. I know I would love the support if the tables were turned…and we women need to stick together!

Gift #12: Wednesday, March 8 

Happy #InternationalWomen’sDay (IWD)! Today I had lunch plans with a colleague/friend/mentor, Jenny. I booked a meeting room and we were all set to watch a live on-screen chat at work, hosted by some of the female leaders at TD, in honour of IWD. When we confirmed the plan in the morning, Jenny mentioned she would be coming straight from another meeting and wouldn’t have time to grab lunch. Perfect…lunch is on me! I went to Aroma in the downtown PATH to grab us salads (fellow downtowners, you know what I’m talking about…the one near St. Andrew Station). While in line, I bumped into another colleague, Michelle, also from TD. Michelle and I used to work on the same team and have remained friends. I mentioned my lunch plans (Michelle knows Jenny too) and Michelle felt comfortable enough to ask if she could join – and of course she was welcome! It was the perfect IWD gathering – three fellow female colleagues sharing career-related challenges, ideas, and advice. Bonus gift: at the end of the day, inspired by The Empathy Effect‘s IWD Facebook post today, I wrote Jenny a LinkedIn recommendation.

Please stay tuned for Part 4…





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