Finding my light and letting it shine


November 5, 2015

Emotional. Educational. Spiritual. Today was overflowing. Today I saw women shining bright and it was awesome. I’m more excited than ever to find my music, my instrument, my song…and play so the whole world can hear.

Charlotte Korchak from StandWithUS Israel – you blew me away. Not even 30 years old, you are educated, funny, and charismatic. Your amazing storytelling ability – as good as any TED Talk speaker I have seen – was as amazing as the powerful content you shared about the spread of anti-Israel dialogue across the world. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to hear your story and see your passion. And Israel is lucky to have you standing tall with her.

Susan H., one of our amazing city leaders, your sweet spot is clearly giving back. Engraved Siddurs for each of us. The tears in the room said more than any of our words could. All the women in the Toronto Village Shul group – we were vulnerable together at the Kotel and even through the dark clouds in the sky, we shone brightly with our new Siddurs in hand and new meaning in our hearts. Our senses were on fire – the touch of the rain on our skin, the sound of the thunder roaring in our ears, the sight of hundreds of beautiful women praying, thinking, sharing…connecting.

We walked backwards, arm in arm, leaving the Kotel. Something tells me we will all be back one day soon to experience the magic again. And me? Sharing these words on this trip is me doing my part to let my light shine. My instrument is my honest words, my songs are the paragraphs I assemble to create my daily stories.

And while I’m not sure what type of flower I am, I know my light shines when I’m finding meaning, sharing, and connecting with other flowers in my bouquet. And many of those other flowers are here with me in Israel.



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